Our technology

Nanotechnology brings completely new posibilities for production of new materials. The nanofibers we deal with make up about 4% of the total nano market. Nanofibers are produced using the technology of Elmarco s.r.o. Nanospider. We have stood at its birth and so we have unique, long-standing know-how. Nanospider is the world`s best technology for the industrial production of nanofibers. All of our applications are made using this technology.

Hydal is the first biotechnology in the world to produce a biopolymer from waste oil on an industrial scale and is not consuming food chain sources like competitors that process e.g. sugar, starch or corn.

About us

Our mission is to create discoveries, bring them into real life and contribute to a better life on the planet Earth.

Our vision is a world of clean air, clean water and without synthetic plastics available to everyone on Earth.

The NAFIGATE‘s activities are divided into two main segments, namely nanofiber applications and biotechnology, which concentrate together on three basic objectives:

Hydal Biotechnology   Clean Water     Clean air

We connect science experts and build a global center of excellence to transfer breakthrough high-tech products and innovative technologies to the world market.

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The 2015 Frost and Sullivan Technology Innovation Award
Seal of Excellence of European Commission
China High-Tech Fair 2016 TOP 10 Product Award
Nanofiber windowscreen developer by us have won China High-Tech Fair 2017 TOP 10 Product Award


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