Ultra-Flexible Bioplastic Revolutionises 3D Printing

Hotty Polymer, Japan’s leading extrusions manufacturer, is fast gaining a foothold in Europe and Asia with breakthrough technology that enables rapid prototyping using ultra-flexible bioplastic.


The company’s HP filament, or soft resin combining polylactide and other elastomers, allows anyone to create a wide range of new products and designs using the fused deposition modelling (FDM) technology in 3D printing. The resulting 3D models are soft like rubber, dramatically improved from the rigidity of existing prototypes.


“Our original material for the FDM type of 3D printer is the first of its kind. Demand has been high in Europe where 3D printers are designed to make thick models. We believe there will be a huge increase and need for our HP filament in Asia as well, especially in China,” says Hidetoshi Hotta, president.

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