We are Eurostars!

Together with other partners, we have succeeded with the RIMPLAN project within the Eurostars program. 

The RIMPLAN project has achieved an excellent assessment and is in the phase of grant preparation. The project is ranked on the 14thposition out of 325 eligible applications! The consortium is developed by 4 SME companies and 1 university coming from four EU countries.

The project is focused on sealed electronic devices by one-shot reaction injection moulding of 100 % renewables. Thus, it deals with the material highly supported by EC policies such as that on reducing the waste and promoting the use of biobased materials. Lower energy technology and 100 % “green” biobased polymer materials with good properties and stability will be achieved within RIMPLAN project. Consortium partners will receive new scientific and technical knowledge (novel biopolymer formulations, compositions, its technological processing conditions).