Global Nanofiber Market 2019-2023

The increasing demand for nanofibers has led to the development of new technologies or the updating of old technologies used in nanofiber production.


FibeRio technology came out with forcespinning technology, which used centrifugal force as the main principle rather than the electrostatic field. Other advances in nanofiber production technology include solution blow spinning and megnetospinning. Thus, the improvements in production technology of nanofibers will drive the growth of the nanofiber market Analysts have predicted that the nanofiber market will register a CAGR of over 28% by 2023.


Increasing the use of nanofibers in air and liquid filtration systems.


Nanofibers are usually applied as a coating on filtration substrates to increase the filtration capacity.


Characteristics of nanofibers:


Do not allow the passage of bacteria, viruses and dust particles.

In liquid filtration applications, nanofibers are used to filter water, drinks/beverages, blood, chemicals, petrol, and oil.

High porosity, interconnected structure of pores and design flexibility. 

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