Nafigate: Our innovation must have a positive impact. Next year we will introduce coffee grounds products

We are bringing you a part of the interview with our Member of the Board, Lenka Mynářová for the server Zajimej.se.

Peeling milk without microplastics or sunscreen without substances harmful to nature.

The unique products made by the Czech company Nafigate are based on the Czech invention of natural polymer PHA, which is made from used cooking oil and is completely biodegradable in nature. Although Nafigate was originally focused only on nanotechnology, the search for oil residues recovery has become its second mission.

You are ahead of most Czech companies. You build on close cooperation with researchers and foreign partners and create unique products worldwide. Is it challenging, or do you feel that a similar initiative was expected?

Innovators, and especially of our type, struggle a lot. Firstly, there is no company with strong capital behind us, and secondly, in our case, we are developing something that is not yet in demand. Technology development really takes around 10 years. Thus, it is very difficult to cope with that enormous uncertainty and the constant struggle with the lack of money. But it's like in life. I perceive highly positive to make a great team because you always get some money, but you don't buy great people to build on. They must share and breathe your vision.