Dynamic growth 

Global production capacities of bioplastics 2019-2024 Bioplastics represent about one percent of the more than 359 million tonnes of plastic produced annually. But as demand is rising, and with more sophisticated applications and products emerging, the market for bioplastics is continuously growing and diversifying. Global bioplastics production capacity is set to increase from around 2.11 million tonnes in 2019 to approximately 2.43 million tonnes in 2024.

Material development and diversification

Bioplastics alternatives exist for almost every conventional plastic material and corresponding application. With further bioplas- tics materials being commercially available, the production capacities will continue to diversify within the next 5 years.

Applications and market segments

Bioplastics are used for an increasing variety of appli- cations, ranging from packaging and consumer pro- ducts to electronics, automotive and textiles. Packag- ing remains the largest market segment for bioplastics with more than 53 percent (1.14 million tonnes) of the total bioplastics market in 2019.

Land use share for bioplastics estimated to stay at 0.02 percent

The land used to grow the renewable feedstock for the production of bioplastics remains at approximately 0.79 million hectares in 2019. This accounts for 0.016 percent of the global agricultural area of 4.8 billion hectares. Despite the market growth, the land use share for bioplastics will only slightly increase to 0.021 percent until 2024. This indicates once more that there is no competition between the renewable feedstock for food and feed, and the production of bioplastics.

About this market data update

The market data update 2019 has been compiled in cooperation with the market experts of the nova-Institute (Hürth, Germany). The market data graphs are available for download on http://www.european-bioplastics.org/news/publications/