Nanofiber materials - Global Market Outlook

According to the publisher, the Global Nanofiber Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 32.12% during the forecast period. Factors such as growing commercialization due to the increasing end-user industrial applications, technological innovation and continuous R&D investments are favouring the market growth. However, stringent guidelines and high cost are some key factors hindering the market growth.

Nanofibers are an exciting new class of fibers having the thickness less than 100 nanometre. Effective and special properties of nanofibers make them suitable for a wide range of applications from manufacturing to consumer products and medical to high-tech applications. They are also used for several value added applications such as personal care, composites, garments, insulation, filtration, medical and energy storage.

Based on product, polymer segment accounted for the significant market share during the forecast period. Ease of access and low cost of a variety of natural and synthetic polymers can be attributed to high demand. Versatile compatibility of these products with electro spinning technique is the major factor that improved its extensive scale acceptance among the dominant producers. By geography, Asia Pacific is anticipated to register largest market share due to growing concerns about the availability of clean drinking water and fresh air. Ongoing R&D investments coupled with rising nanoscale material prevalence in medical and electronics sectors are likely to steer future investments in the region.

Some of the key players profiled in the Nanofiber market include RevolutionFibres, NanoMas Technologies, Inc, Nanofiber Solutions, Met-Pro Corporation, Johns Manville, Japan Vilene Co. Ltd., Irema-Filter GmbH, Hollingsworth and Vose, HemCon Medical Technologies Inc., Finetex Technology, FibeRio Technology Corp., eSpin Technologies Inc., Esfil Tehno AS, Elmarco, DuPont, Donaldson Co. Inc., Clearbridge NanoMedics, Catalyx Nanotech Inc., Catalytic Materials LLC, Argonide Corp. and Ahlstrom Corp.

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