First in the World! – Finland Receives Plastics Roadmap to Tackle Plastics Pollution

Finland received a Plastics Roadmap, which is the first step toward a new, sustainable plastic economy. The roadmap, which was prepared and submitted by a broadly-based cooperation group appointed by the Ministry of the Environment, presents a set of key actions to find solutions to challenges caused by plastics.


According to a Member of the Parliament, Hanna Kosonen (cen.), “Finland’s Plastics Roadmap is the first one of its kind and could well serve as a trendsetter for other countries.”


”The use of plastics keeps growing, and we must take a sustainable path in this,” said Mika Lintilä (cen.), minister of economic affairs. “There are enormous global business opportunities for companies that offer advanced recycling solutions for plastics or ways to replace oil-based plastics by sustainable bio-based products and, depending on the purpose of use, biodegradable materials,” he continued.


The Plastics Roadmap presents specific actions for two sectors. The identification of plastics in buildings and sorting of plastic wastes at construction sites should be improved. There are still weak spots in the recycling of agricultural and horticultural (garden cultivation and management) plastics that need to be addressed, and new bio-based and 100 percent biodegradable mulching materials must be developed and taken into use to substitute for plastics.


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