Ikea Goes Bioplastics

Swedish home Furniture Giant IKEA revolutionizes the home furniture market. Recently, IKEA announced that it will design all its products with new circular principles with the goal to only use renewable and recycled materials.


IKEA needs plastics to make its products. Instead of using plastics made from 100% fossil oil, they will mix it up with bio-based renewable resources. These bio-based renewable resources will come from renewable residue and waste raw materials, such as used cooking oil and sustainably-produced vegetable oils. It’s the beginning of the commercialisation and industrialisation of Bio-based Polyprophylene or Bio-Polyprophylene (Bio-PP). 


IKEA also made another promise to remove all single-use plastic products from the IKEA range globally and from customer and co-worker restaurants in stores by 2020. 

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