Hydal biopolymer has been accepted into the Material ConneXion network!

Hydal biopolymer P3HB, which is made with Hydal biotechnology using 100% waste in the form of waste cooking oil, received Material ConneXion Seal of Material Excellence after the material had been carefully evaluated by the team of material scientists in order to determine Hydal P3HB level of innovation. Based on the results, the biopolymer got included in the prestigious “Materials Library” Material ConneXion with the headquarters in New York, USA.  


Material ConneXion is the leading material-driven design platform to the most innovative brands in the world. The “Materials Library” aims to collect the most interesting and valuable materials in terms of innovation, technical properties and application potential. For over 20 years Material ConneXion has worked across more than 20 industries and 75 subject areas to provide clients with the knowledge and resources necessary to make informed material and design decisions. 


The whole team highly appreciates the acceptance by Material ConneXion, as it demonstrates the high level of innovation and relevance of Hydal biopolymer P3HB. Furthermore, being included in the MCX network enables NAFIGATE to be in contact with suppliers from various industries and expose the material to potential clients around the world.