Czech biotechnology enables to efficiently process used cooking oil

Czech Nafigate company has achieved unique success in the biggest Chinese fair trade in Šen-čenu. The company was awarded a prize for technological process Hydal, which allows the production o f PHA biopolymer from usable cooking oil, which is otherwise difficult. The technology was developed at the Brno University of Technology by a team of researchers led by Professor Ivana Mara.

The technology to produce plastics is based od usage of fermentation process during which the bacteria are stored in storing energy PHA in the form of granules inside their cytoplasm. When a sufficien t amount of polymer is present in the bodies of the bacteria, it is being isolated and purified. The process takes three days, produced in the reactor which has the size of 100 litres. The source of tbacteria nutrition is just cooking oil which otherwise could only hardly be used organically.

Application of Hydal technology in practice already exists, the Czech company in cooperation with its Chinese partner opened the first company in the city of Šu-čou, in which the cooking oil will be filltred this way into its plastic form.