Nanotechnology brings completely new posibilities for production of new materials. The nanofibers we deal with make up about 4% of the total nano market. Nanofibers are produced using the technology of Elmarco s.r.o. Nanospider. We have stood at its birth and so we have unique, long-standing know-how. Nanospider is the world`s best technology for the industrial production of nanofibers. All of our applications are made using this technology.

Hydal is the first biotechnology in the world to produce a biopolymer from waste oil on an industrial scale and is not consuming food chain sources like competitors that process e.g. sugar, starch or corn.


Clean drinking water is a problem for about 2 billion people on the globe. Nanofibres are able to help in finding a solution to this problem. We have devoted more than 10 years to problems of water purification through nanofibers. During this time we have developed:

a recipe for production the fourth generation of a nanofibrous microfiltration membrane for water filtration,

new generation of water-filtration membrane without the use of electricity

the prototype of a filter device for water filtration without the use of electricity.


The possibility of breathing fresh air is certainly not a matter of course for hundreds of millions of people living in conditions where the air is heavily polluted.

More hundreds of millions of people suffer from allergies and need protection from allergens. We thought about all of them when we developed our nanofibrous membranes for air filtration:

Recipes for nanofiber applications in the field of air filtration in buildings.

Industrial recipe for the first generation of nanofibrous window mesh, including both the production of the nanofibrous layer and the so-called after-treatment process.

Laboratory procedure for spinning of polymers for industrial filtration at high temperatures.


At present, mankind faces a huge challenge - how to solve the problem with the accumulation of synthetic plastics that infest our planet. Bioplasts are also part of this solution. In particular, the third generation of bioplasts, which we offer as well. It is a generation that does not burden the environment - it is a so-called zero waste solution. Our nonoilen bioplastics are made only from bio-sources / without use of petroleum /.

In addition, these bioplastics can degrade in soil, water and seas. But we do not want to create more waste - so with our potential customers we also solve the so-called closing the loop - the so-called loop closure of the whole production and use without waste.


It links science with cosmetics.

Thanks to research in nanotechnologies we developed unique products. We obtained a patent for the Nano Eye Lift nanofiber undercoat. In the production of our products, we use differently large hyaluronic acid molecules and the latest knowledge of science. More information here.